About Jill Eathorne Bahr

Jill Eathorne Head 2016

Resident Choreographer for the Coastal Ballet USA , Jill Eathorne Bahr combines her extensive dance and choreography training with a keen business sense to produce creative and energy-filled performances, as well as a sound future for the theatre. Years of training at such schools and ballets as American Ballet Theatre School, Joffrey Ballet and Houston Ballet, have led Bahr to create a unique style of her own. She integrates all styles of dance, which may flow from classical to jazz to modern to theatrical in a single performance. Her choreography is in the repertory of Atlanta Ballet, Boston Ballet, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, Eddy Toussaint USA, Eugene Ballet and the Nevada Dance Theatre, to name a few.

Since joining the Charleston Ballet Theatre in 1987, Bahr has choreographed more than 40 ballets—more than half of the company’s repertory. Proclaimed for being generous with her talent and energy, Bahr consistently provides opportunities for members of the company to exercise their own talents in choreography. In keeping with her commitment to the company and its dancers, she has made numerous sacrifices during financial hardships to ensure stability and success. Her dedication has been recognized with several awards and fellowships, including three National  Endowment for the Arts Choreographic Fellowships, a South Carolina Arts Commission Fellowship and the William Habich Choreography Award.  Her blog personality The FIRE MONKEY – defines her personality in yet another way – There is a saying in the East:

 “The further up the tree a Monkey goes, the more you see her bottom.”

Resident Choreographer Jill Eathorne Bahr aka as The Fire Monkey has always been a fun loving monk who really enjoys a good time with friends, family or anyone else for that matter. Fire Monkeys are curious creatures as well. Some people call them nosy. Others call them interested. The Chinese say they are just downright curious.   Quick wits and mental dexterity are a Fire Monkey’s trademarks and she prides herself on being able to dance rings around everyone else. Historians have said, with clever, alert minds…  Fire Monkeys catch on quickly and process information in a trice. Not a typical Fire Monkey person this Fire Monkey is a bright as a button, but not nimble of foot– as she is very accident prone!  Many Fire Monkeys enjoy inhabiting the South of France.  If you lose her- chances are she might materialize in that area.


5 thoughts on “About Jill Eathorne Bahr

  1. vicki uris

    I read your blog. Interesting to see that the years have not tempered your strong opinions. Quite the contrary.

    John and I have been fans of SYTYCD, but we scream at the tube, throw lettuce at it (it’s us that would have to replace the thing, after all), hate different things about it every season, but go absolutely gaga over some of the dancers and some of those mini-minute-long dances pretty regularly. Having said that, I confess I will not watch it in the same way from here on out.

    All the best to you! V

    1. cbtbahr

      Yippee… and welcome.. Large robust opinions are forever welcome .. and finally with your input they might be able to evolve … Siskel & Eibert? Or Larry Moe & Curly!!!! Whatever.. lets shake up the waters..Aafter all what is the point otherwise.. ! You and John keep throwing the lettuce.. now in the South we are more civilized … it is good ole collard greens!!!! Best to you too ! JB

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