Decadent Divas- Rolls onto the Big Stage!

Decadent Divas  is indeed one grand defining moment… a celebration of music and fashion … of sounds and sights rolled congruously into one eventful evening… whereby conveying the influential dynamics of every artist’s peculiar persona in terms of singing style and fashion sense — ultimately creating a fantabulous explosion of sumptuousness in terms of production values worthy of every viewer’s effort, time and money.

The repertoire itself is a dream collection of trademarked vocal hit renditions that literally suspend one in ecstatic absorption that uncontrollably lures the audience to reminisce the not-so-distant past… dramatically re-living and embracing the gone-by days in a nostalgic passion.  This 63 minute music marathon in vocal style whizzes past, bursting at the seams with its exploration of 12 of classiest  ladies sassing a live audience.. Before you can catch your breath, it’s over! Talent and artistry win the day in this dynamic performance, and it only leaves you wanting more.

The pacing is quick and seamless. Behind-the-scenes video  footage bridge seventeen songs ranging from high opera to R&B to musical theatre. The direction and editing don’t allow a moment for your mind to wander. This is a breathtaking production featuring astounding music by Divas. Not a moment wasted. Video is created and produced by Sunhead Projects.

The lavish costumes created by Fashion Designer Mary Porter, are glamorously designed and painstakingly executed with the Divas’ distinct silhouettes and sultry appeals particularly taken in consideration. Chic, feminine, and sophisticatedly seductive yet with the mesmerizing sophistication and muted luxury still aesthetically stamped in each every piece. Suffice it to say that the couture pieces are but visually inspiring as they’re high-class that mirror fine taste and fascination for elegance… without any intention of stealing the show from the actual performers.

So, experience the magic of Decadent Divas on the Big Stage   lift your hearts and souls to such level of entertainment that’s worth treasuring for a lifetime. With their compelling music and sensual persuasion on stage, you could be entertained in a trance… seemingly ushering you into a moment of odyssey suspended in the zone of timelessness.   Friday May 7th 7:30 PM North Charleston Performing Arts Center


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