The Object of Zorro’s Affection.

Stephanie  Bussell really enjoys the choreographic process, the blood and guts of the physicality of dance.

Molly Hulett wrote “Stephanie Bussell vividly remembers her first kiss, her first death and the first time she knew she could fly.  Throughout her seven seasons with the Charleston Ballet Theatre (CBT), diverse roles in performances ranging from “The Great Gatsby” and “Don Quixote” to “Camelot” and “Slaughter on Tenth Avenue” have allowed the versatile performer to assume various onstage personas and interpret both subtle and extreme emotions through the nuances of dance “

My ideal dancer must be physically beautiful, in excellent body tone, 100 percent musical and be able to create gorgeous, expressive movement with kinetically seamless transitions. And, most importantly, to be able to use his or her eyes to reveal the soul of each movement.  Stephanie was blessed with many of those qualities and she continues to work on the ones that are ideal..  She is a real pro and I am not willing to gamble on a young inexperienced dancer to pull off a full role.  Her first time to show me her chops was when she danced the lead in “Twisted Tango”  she brought a great deal of herself to the role.  In addition Stephanie has been sidelined with an injury since last Feb 2009.  She is finally just returning.  Zorro will be the first performance with the company since them.  She is exploding with a desire to show off her creativity.. It is hard not to take advantage of that opportunity to explore that return with her.     

Stephanie ‘s always been very connected to that  creative process– the ritual, the routine, the rehearsing.  She also really love the performance aspect of it.  Just being able to transcend the space and really move people, or make people feel the the emotions She feels whenshe is dancing.  

A woman has often been the reason for a jealous fight two men.. So why not Captain Ramon and Don Diego?

And yes – Stephanie is a beautiful person as well both on stage and off-..


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