Zorro – A Romance with a Vengeance.

= A true swashbuckling adventure

 Zorro is one of the finest costume adventure stories ever shaped , one that’s laced with a healthy dollop of romance and more than a smidgen of comedy. It’s all wildly improbable, of course, one of the ancestors of the superhero comic strip/film, and anyone who is bothered by a woman’s inability to recognize her lover in a simple disguise should just look elsewhere. But anyone who is willing to dispense with logic and just accept things at face value will have a great time with Zorro.

The fact of the matter is —- there is  no set story to Zorro.  Did you know that Zorro, which means “fox” in Spanish, was based on an actual California bandito? Or that Batman and his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, are spinoffs of the legendary Latinos?  I am a long-standing Zorro fan, and must have seen and read everything encompassing the legend of  Zorro. I was filled with anticipation thinking  I could make e a true ‘inside scoop’ on the film and literary history of Zorro .

 Zorro  gives me, the creator, the opportunity to create almost my own interpretation of a work. Personally “I always wanted to be as fast and quick and smart as he was. I might not be as quick as he is, But I know one thing he will always be No# 1 in my book.  And like Dracula, the same type of character I can tailor the story to fit the needs of a live theatre presentation.  ”

I am also using the Memminger theatre space in a very unique way along with a special two-sided  set design. I  will never forget my performance of “Cats” in London when the seating  started to move and at the end the lead character goes to heaven through the roof of theater.  The effect of having a theatre be part of the magic adds a whole new dimension to the production.  The way “Wicked” works in  NYC, or the Cirque de Soleil Show “O” or “”Ka” wraps each audience member into the moment,   has given me that bug to try to create this enormous monster.  Of course,  one can’t afford the dollars but simple choices of seating changes will change a person’s perspective.   Because The Memminger was built for innovative performances I am moving the location of the stage itself, as well as the seating and incarnating a new type of seating we are calling Tavern seating .

Hope to see you there!!!


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