Forever Warped. I even took Mom once to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show !

074_RockyHorror_6982Rocky Horror Picture Show is at its finest — the glorification of fun, rock and roll, and an amusing show spoofing old horror flicks. CBT is throwing caution to the wind with its repeat presentation this Halloween Season.   Opening October 23rd just in time for Halloween, RHPS illustrates our flair for versatility and outrageousness.  Shedding  our now famous Decadent Diva images to trade them in for saucy fishnets, short shorts, stilettos and as much toast & rice as you can fill a movie screen with!    

Those who gave this cult film gem a low score – Please! Crawl back in your cardboard life and stay there! This film bubbles with zest, wit, subtle humor, raw humor, strange scenes, great songs and a huge host of memorable characters.  Most of the characters are drawn as sharply as if a straight razor…well, not straight…as if a razor had been used. Not intended for the super straight part of our culture, which is why it usually plays at midnight shows, but you’ll notice that it’s been playing steadily for 30 years now, especially along the American coasts, which is a better record that almost anything else you can think of (excluding Gone With The Wind in Atlanta, a single town).

So have you ever seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show?  Here is your big chance to take part in this Halloween (and year round) cult classic, complete with live performers rice and toilet paper.  Costumes are encouraged. Charleston Ballet Theatre blends a massive twist with the regular cult classic midnight showing tradition by adding a dance interpretation of the film, accompanied from behind by the movie itself. Rocky Horror enthusiasts are encouraged to attend in full costume regalia and can expect all the bells and whistles that accompany a standard cult screening. As has been the tradition since its first midnight showing at the famed Waverly Theatre in NYC in 1976, audiences are expected to shout responses to the characters’ statements on the screen, including melodramatic abuse of the characters or actors, puns, and pop culture references.  The movie has become synonymous with audience interaction and can attribute its enduring success to its devoted interactive following.   CBT encourages audience members to come dressed as their favorite characters in the movie. This ballet performance is not just your regular show, it is a wild, uproarious celebration of an American cultural phenomenon. 

When I was in college, we used to pile into the car every Saturday night and head out to the midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was great fun – you sang along to the songs, yelled out key phrases, and in general had a blast without booze or drugs. What more could a parent want. Dracula forget it , Frankenstein not even these can’t even hold a candle to how many times Rocky Horror Picture Show has been viewed around the world it doesn’t matter what country you go to likely when you say ” The Time Warp ” this phenomenon will come to mind.

So Throw away all your problems and let your inhibitions take you , give yourself to ultimate pleasure with a mix of parody sci fi/horror and if you have not seen this legendary film then when you see Tim Curry (CBT’s Principal Dancer recreates the dance role)  as the alien transvestite Dr. Frank n Furter you will know why this has just about as big as a following as Star Trek.

This is not just a film is a form of , expression for its many legions of fans when fans come into a theatre to watch this film they know there not alone many others will follow dressed up as well. We are unlikely to witness anything like the Rocky Horror cult phenomenon again. In Western theater as well as mainstream movies the role of the audience is generally passive, isolated, private and voyeuristic. Only in the Dionysian theater of ancient Greece or the cult rituals described by Antonin Artaud in “Theater and Its Double” do we learn about a kind of theater that amounted to a communal celebration of the daemonic, a liturgical worship with the audience as active celebrants. But “Rocky Horror” rewrote the rules or, perhaps more accurately, the audiences themselves invented a new form of movie, in effect “producing” the 20-year-run of a happening known, for lack of a better title, as the “Rocky Horror Picture.

Hope to see you there!


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