CBT’s Habit-forming Holiday Tradition


In a lot of ways, “The Nutcracker” is the Holy Grail when it comes to ballet. Not only does it contain all the artistry of other, lesser-known works, but it is the one ballet that is almost guaranteed to draw a crowd. “The average father won’t go to ‘Giselle, “But he will take his family to ‘The Nutcracker.'”

“The Nutcracker” has been described as the ballet that dancers love to hate. Its incessant Christmastime presence drove one oversaturated critic to open his review with: “Well, we are all one ‘Nutcracker’ nearer death.” Ah, the holidays. For so many Nutcracker devotees, the two hours spent each Christmas with Maria and her candy land fantasies is an event to look forward to. Like Santa, it only comes one night a year. But for the dancers who can chart their Nutcracker evolution from high school auditoriums to 3,000-seat opera houses, the ballet represents not one magical journey each December but many, many trips, over and over again. This winter, a dancer may log anywhere from a dozen performances over a few weekends to 45 shows over a five-week period. How do these professionals deal with the familiarity some would say tedium–of a ballet that many have been performing annually their whole lives? Love for the art aside, when you’re faced with a giant mouse suit for the sixth day in a row, you start looking for creative ways to cope. I have to admit I have seen the occasional booty dance in the wings before “Waltz of the Flowers” to get dancers going.

I do always remember.   It’s a delightful thing, really, for children,” “It’s just like when you take them to the zoo and you delight in their response.”  So why does “The Nutcracker” endure? For audiences, it’s tradition – an instant dose of holiday spirit for the whole family. The eye-catching fantasy story is many children’s first exposure to ballet; it’s also an opportunity for young dancers to perform.” Just compare the tradition to other holiday mainstays:  I ask you – why do you pull out those same Christmas albums every year?”

So Dad..  Join us with your whole family.  I will be in the back audience left calling the show.. Stop by and say hello. !




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