Take a Vote- KA or LOVE? Each an amazing journey!



Since my return home to Charleston, I asked myself how both KA and LOVE were in any way humanly possible to create.  I can only imagine managing and coordinating the creative aspects, casts, sets, costumes, show facilities and touring arms of Cirque du Soleil would have to be extremely difficult. Cirque’s growing staff and show network added to this strain.  So I went back to Googling for my answer. It seems to aid the management of these various components, Cirque du Soleil built an International Headquarters and deployed “Cirque Memory”, an online database. The construction of the headquarters and the institution of Cirque Memory have contributed to the evolution of Cirque as a structured yet creative organization. The facilities at the international headquarters create a central place where the team trains performers, designs sets and makes costumes  This system allows Cirque to track the 20,000 performers in their casting directory. The database also includes photos and instructions on makeup application for each character as well as 5,000 costume designs and 4,000 alternation notes. Staff and Cirque doctors can track and monitor performers’ health and rehabilitation through 24,000 Medi-Cirque files. If necessary, directors can use Cirque Memory to find replacements whose height and weight match those of the injured performer, thereby eliminating costly prop and costume redesign. This data management ensures that the quality of each show is consistent throughout the course of its run and helps to ensure that cast, costume and set replacements or changes can occur as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Cirque du Soleil is, without a doubt the most amazing circus on the planet. They find the most incredible performers on Earth and assemble them on stage for shows that literally defy description and leave audiences gasping and begging for more.  So which one did I like best?

LOVE  – Doesn’t  offer a typical Cirque du Soleil show with high-flying trapeze artists, gymnasts and acrobats. Although there is some of that in the show, it is mainly a theatrical and dance-oriented show. The creators also wanted to bring a bit of the youth of today into the show, showcasing extreme sports, break dancing and street dancing. And remember First off- The Beatles played terrific rock n roll. They were really tight, both vocally and instrumentally. Also, Ringo’s style of drumming gives their straight rock songs a driving beat that, when combined with Paul’s screams, created a ton of energy. Also I suppose that they’re still about as popular as they were in the ’60s because no band has been able to put out the sheer number of incredible albums as the Beatles. Don’t even forget Beatles were more famous than Michael Jackson at his peak.

KA–   Just immerse yourself in the powerful musical score (buy the CD in the shop afterwards!),. While remaining firmly rooted in Cirque du Soleil musical tradition, the recording features a symphony orchestra and a 40-member choir, as such creating a unique musical universe both epic and lyrical.  The powerful percussion and distinctive sound invites comparisons with classic movie soundtracks creating “a rich soundtrack that lives up to the overarching eye-candy on display. I believe that Ka stands alone as a visually and aurally stunning show that you have to see to believe.

 My vote is as tight as the race between Obama and McCain but for me LOVE really does feel fresh in a way that other latter-day Beatles products like Let It Be… Naked and even the Anthology collections haven’t. But when I listen to the color of my dreams.,In the end for me, it’s all about the music  – I think the Beatles still win.. LOVE proves to be not just a jaw dropping affair but something so much more…an overwhelmingly expressive journey through the music of the Beatles that manages to feel like a second skin especially if you are a baby boomer like me.   After all REMEMBER they have 88+ million hits and counting.   Steven Hammell has informed me “ If there are 88 million hits for the Beatles, and you only spend on average 30 seconds investigating each site, then it will take you almost 84 years to look at all of them, if you go at it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.  Good luck!”

Closing this post is a a Quote from the Beatles

PRESS: How do you add up success?  

The FAB FOUR: Money!

So I guess The Jewels are still rattling!










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