Then there was KÀ

After a sleepless night revisiting the images in LOVE in my dreams..  I began my next journey – Have no fear KÀ was next.

Any way you look at it, Cirque du Soleil is a phenomenal success story. In only 20 years, it has carved out a unique niche in the entertainment industry, spread to cities all over the globe and earned enthusiastic reviews every step of the way. And it’s doing just great financially too: Cirque’s assets are worth an estimated $1 billion, its annual ticket sales have climbed above $450 million, and more than 40 million people worldwide have attended at least one Cirque show.  Not to mention, Cirque shows are built around the same two core elements: a unique theme and a unique soundtrack.

KA is LOVE’S   older sibling. Still an infant in training, it is also the first production  that deviated from the company’s usual format—by presenting  a more straightforward story, unlike the more abstract visuals presented by other Cirque productions .  The $165 million “Ka,” began its first ticketed “preview” shows late fall of 2004 at the MGM Grand.

With KÀ, Cirque du Soleil continued to reinvent itself, presenting its first production with a cinematic story line, yet maintaining the flawless imagery, music and acrobatics that fans of the Cirque realm have come to love. “Nothing had prepared me for this show, even the video clips I’d seen.   But Let me add,

If you’re expecting lots of trademark Cirque acrobatics and clowning then you’ll be disappointed but if you are looking for a show that encompasses extraordinary technical artistry, stunning visualizations and beautiful human interpretation then race along. I have never felt so uplifted and moved by the medium of live theatre!

While the plot is full of twists and turns, the true star of the show is the stage as it has been labeled as an engineering marvel for its ability to move on its own and change scenery.   At first the stage appears bottomless. Then, two extraordinary mechanical platforms rise from the mysterious space, rotate, hang vertical and transform into whatever the scene requires. Weaving martial arts styles from around the world as well as floor and high-wire acrobatics, the show’s storyline is action-packed. But it is also filled with enough fantasy to engage young children. One of the acts depicts  a starfish, and a turtle interacting with characters stranded on a beach. These creatures, played by very flexible gymnasts, seem to almost magically appear out of the sand on stage. Gleefully borrowing imagery from magical realist martial arts movies such as Hero and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, wher ebattles occur on various versions of the stage and allow the actors to demonstrate the famous athleticism and aestheticism that has become synonymous with a Cirque du Soleil performance.

KA gets its inspiration from an ancient Egyptian concept that tells the story of twins, male and female, who are separated from each other. In their attempt to come back together and realize their destiny, the two begin to realize the true meaning of duality and the power that it holds. Along with their traveling buddies, a court jester and a nanny, the twins come in contact with duality in every form ranging from the power of love all the way to the conflict of good and evil. Their journey takes them through a variety of scenery, highlighted by innovative lighting, an ever-changing screen and Cirque’s one of kind music. 



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