Will the People in the Cheaper Seats Clap your Hands? And the Rest of You, if You’ll Just Rattle your Jewelry.”

When you Google “The Beatles”, the outcome  announces, —- 1 – 10 of about 88,100,000 hits.  Oh goodness I have my work cut out for me.

I am hard core Beatles fan – 

So guess what?   Yup –my summer project has been trying to make it through all of the 88 million hits. But the problem is that then when you click on each hit the Beatles web becomes larger.  I need the real  statistics.  Steven Hammell… how many hits do you think there is?    Or how many years will this take?

As I  have journeyed through my   self- inflicted internet campaign with the Fab Four,  I came across the Vegas spectacular LOVE ! (The Results announce 1 – 10 of about 1,510,000 for Beatles Love. (0.15 seconds)) early in the search.

After looking at about 100 of these hits, I changed course and set my sight on airline reservations to Vegas.  I have just returned from an extraordinary trip. 

The slot machines are clanging, and humming, the squeals of winning blackjack players are thunderous   the Rolex watches, Rado, Pattek Philippe, Omega,, Gucci , Jewelry, are flaunted everywhere.  

Google sidebar number 1

Well maybe we can go back in time , it was Royal Variety Performance in London (4 November 1963) attended by Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, and Princess Margaret.  John asked the crowd Will the people in the cheaper seats clap your hands? And the rest of you, if you’ll just rattle your jewelry.” John had intended to say “f****king jewelry”, but was persuaded against doing so by Paul McCartney and the group’s manager Brian Epstein.

Cirque Du Soleil’s Love has rattled a lot of jewelryLove” is unique for many reasons, not the least of which is the price tag. It cost $120 million to rebuild the Mirage Theater when Siegfried & Roy left after their tiger accident. The show itself cost $30 million, we were told yesterday, with about $15 million more in production costs. That doesn’t include the price of licensing the Beatles music and original recordings, something that had not been allowed before this production. Ultimately, Love proves to be not just a jaw dropping affair but something so much more…an  overwhelmingly expressive journey through the music of the Beatles that manages to feel like a second skin especially if you are a baby boomer like me (though there certainly was every age race color gender present at the event).

This astounding collaboration of music and theater is nothing short of astounding.   Love is over two-years old, yet I still find many people who are aware of it but don’t quite understand what the performance entails. This is a gargantuan compliment to Cirque Du Soleil as their productions truly leave one thunderstruck and are impossible to define merely by words. With Love they have set a bar so high I’m not sure if anyone can touch it, including themselves. Director Dominic Champagne along with music directors Sir George Martin and (his son) Giles Martin found a common ground to intertwine the music and story with characters and theatrics for a heightened emotional response.  George Martin and his son Giles began work on Love after getting permission from Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, and Olivia Harrison (the latter two representing John Lennon and George Harrison, respectively.

Wikipedia defines the word “love” as “a range of human emotions and experiences related to the senses of affection and sexual attraction”. I know that love is far more complicated than this sixteen word definition, but it gives you a strapping logic of what this little four-lettered word is competent of. It’s one of the words in the English language that is beggaring description. I would whole heartedly content Love has to be experienced to be believed.

As I carry on on though my googling of 88 million Beatles Hits.  It is important to fully grasp this one-of-a-kind experience; a few facts need to be shared to intensify your knowledge

 Here’s a brief rundown of some of the remarkable facts about the production:

• The 95-minute show is exclusively at the Mirage in Las Vegas (Where I stayed)

• Of the 196 master recordings of the Beatles, a total of 130 were culled to create the aural spectacular that is Love

• The theater created for Love is the most technologically advanced theater to ever grace God’s green Earth

 • There are 2,013 seats in a 360-degree configuration

• The furthest row from the stage is only 98 feet from the action

• The performance includes 331 multilayered costumes

• Each chair has six speaker for a grand total of 12,000 speakers in the theater

• Over 600 stage and acrobatic props are utilized

• The stage is made up of 7 lifts,   trap, and 1 turntable. Each lift is capable of lifting 20,000 lbs.

• There are two huge 2,000-square-foot panoramic screens which are lit up by ten 12,000-lumen projectors  

I cannot stress enough how staggering each and every minute of the performance is. From the moment the lights go off, the in-the-round stage hosts a accumulation   of Beatles numbers that are remixed in a way that makes it familiar yet completely distinguishable and characteristic from the master recordings.

The entire performance is crammed with feverish vibrations and is an epic magical mystery tour. Each and every scene is handled with the utmost tenderness and attention to detail. Yet through the thick and thin, there is one constant revealed throughout the music John, Paul, George and Ringo created…love. This is the beauty of the Beatles music; it transcends time and place so whether you are 5 or 75 you are connected to the music. No other musical act will ever be able to wear their heart on their sleeves as much and not be chastised. 


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