Who Needs an Off Season?

Off Season ?  Nope!  I don’t think so,  when even the television junkies can immediately recognize when the fall lineup ads begins to be every other commercial on the tube, the weather channel starts tracking tropical storms off the African coast, Office Depot has lines out the door to checkout children with school supplies, our mailbox and spam folders are full of clothes coupons  – we know we didn’t have an off season.

Well even if we wanted to have an off season ….  there just wasn’t time.  It did not happen..

So hold on to your hats— it’s time to reeve back up again for The World Tour of Dance. 

To Begin with -CBT Registration Celebration was last week — lots of people in attendance ! The school’s aim is to develop dancers with a strong, clear classical technique with an emphasis on artistry, purity of line, and quality of movement. However, education and training are not the only important aspects of dance. Our students are always being encouraged to enjoy themselves and have fun while learning in a relaxed, pressure free atmosphere! Although a student may not have ambitions to dance professionally, the benefits of high quality classes are invaluable. Experienced teachers, along with state-of-the-art floors minimize the potential for lifelong injuries that can accompany bad training and poor facilities

The whole teaching staff was in attendance.  The identity of a dancer used to be significantly different than the needs of dancers today. Offering many dance disciplines, other than the traditional approach is so important. To that end, we are delighted to open our new school on James Island and welcome new and talented faculty members this year and we expect they will integrate seamlessly and carry on the tradition here. We saw a preview of this years production by the Broadway Dance Project and there  was even refreshments and facepainting !

Company dancers showed up to autograph shoes for children in the school

And today Monday August 18th marks the opening of the school term.  The New James Island school opens on September 8. The same day the professional company returns on contract. 

For Some Reason, I know that Spoleto will soon be around the corner again! It is our hope you’ll be satisfied and pleased with your child’s acquired skills and abilities this coming year. CBT’s goal is to provide a valuable service for your child; one that is professional, one that teaches your child a good quality dance foundation, one that encourages self-esteem, and one that helps children develop a love of and appreciation for the art of dance.  


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