Are you an Arts Advocate, Atheist or Apathetic?

2008 Audience Advocate Survey

It is that time of year when the final reports are due on last year’s grants. All foundations, federal and state agencies love feedback.  Please take a moment to rate your experience with Charleston Ballet Theatre.  Take for example, Americans for the Arts they track House and Senate Arts bills on the floor,  other issues of note impacting the arts community, such as funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). Public Broadcasting is often the only source for arts programming in rural areas, and any reduction to its budget would drastically reduce the access that many Americans have to the arts There are now a plethora of resources online for citizens to arm themselves with in seeking information about the value of arts in society. Some of these resources can be dredged from the sites of big budget orgs. Other gems of information can be found on tiny sites edited by artists around the world.   Information gives us the tools to give you the best product possible live performances.   Last year at this time you picked the 20th Anniversary Ballet Selections – we produced as your favorites!  Please copy and email it to me at


 1) What live performance have you recently attend?


2) Have you attended a CBT performance before?

No:  ___

Yes, attended:  ___


3) Would you return for another production? 


4) How did you hear about our production?

Web Site   ___

Radio   ___

Post and Courier    ___

Charleston City Paper ___

Charleston Arts Review   ___

Piccolo Spoleto   ___

From a friend, co-worker, or family member ___

Other:   ___

5) How would you rate the overall production values?

Excellent   ___

Very Good   ___

Good ___

Poor   ___

6) What shows would you like to see CBT produce?


7) Do you have any suggestions of groups or schools that would like to receive information on CBT and its programming? If so, please list:




8) Be one of the first to let The CBT know your thoughts about us! Please leave us with a quote with your comments, thoughts and feelings:



9.) If you came to Charleston during the Spoleto Festival and Piccolo Spoleto festival What was  the primary reason you attended this  year?. What factors that may have influenced your decision to attend Spoleto this year

Enjoy the arts/culture

Spoleto is great

Relative or friend

Love the performances/events

Diversity of programming

Chamber music



10.) What other activities did you participate in while at the festival?  Check all  that apply

Aquarium   ____

Forts   ____


Carriage ___

Plantation   ___

Beaches   ___

Museums ___

 Churches   ___

Market ___

 Walking ___

11.) Where did you shop while you were visiting Charleston?

Historic Market ___

King Street ___

Charleston Place  ___

Large Malls ___


12.)   Profile statistics

How old are you?  ___

Are you a female  ___ or a male ___

Where are you currently living? _____

How many people did you bring to the performance ___

Did you eat a meal out prior or after the performance  ___


Please fill out the following information if you would like to be added to our mailing list:

Yes! Include me in CBT mailings!

Name:  ______________________________________________________________

Address:   ___________________________________________________________

(line 2):   _____________________________________________________________

City:   State:  zip:  ______________________________________________________

 E-mail:   ___________________________________________


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