Very Random Thoughts….Watching from the Front of the Room

One of the advanced – level  dancers in the summer dance program .. approached me in the front today to apologize for not dancing well for the past ten days of the summer program.    BO HUNK! I say

So what exactly is it is we do up front?  Well it seems from the student’s perspective our Directing/Teaching  Life IS FAR MORE INTERESTING  … Why not stop thinking what the  teacher or director is  thinking when they  watch from  the front..

I promise we am not thinking what we are watching is a train wreck. On the contrary, We love it and when we see a problem where some see obstacles We look for further opportunities .  Lar Lubovitch is quoted to say:

In today’s world, where cynicism is idolized, it’s almost radical to see or define something as beautiful. Every artist’s reality is governed by some unique sense of what is beautiful to them. It’s a personal reality that’s often opposed to the worlds. When I see my own or someone else’s work as beautiful, it’s because all the forces that can be marshaled at that particular moment are entirely in concert. I think for many, the term choreography paints a picture of a person or creative team who develop a set path upon which performers can travel to obtain a specific visual/theatrical aesthetic effect. For example, If a computer is capturing your movement as a dancer, interpreting it, and projecting its interpretation on a screen for you to interact with, your environment is no longer fixed.

Onward and upward .. Take a Chill Pill




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