An Email from a Proud Mom and Elated SON

I found this email so delightful.. that I hope every stage mom will read it- and smile on the inside – As I did.. A perfect morsel for this day as we begin preparing for all of our students that arrive for CBT’s Summer Intensive Workshop next weekend. 

 Harrison Ball (Age 12) and CBT School Director Patricia Cantwell in 2006. 

Well, I just got off the phone with a very, very pleased young man!  He got to watch New York City Ballet from the wings – and he said the audience loved Percussion. They got a huge applause.   Peter Martins watched from the front wing – Harrison said, luckily, he didn’t know until afterwards.

 The little bugger never got me a program though – I told him he must find one by the time he gets home.  You only dance on State Theater’s stage for the first time ONE time…at least he will get me one from tomorrow’s performance.
He loved watching Wendy up close and Jenny S…something or another.  He said dancing felt so natural – that  it was just incredible and that he could see all of the audience from the stage.  Especially – he loved the floor..said it was great to dance on.
Earlier, after rehearsal he called and said like he felt like he was falling backwards on the stage – he said it just felt so huge and overwhelming. ( word for the year )
As we finished talking he said “mom, I love you …can you please call Patty and tell her I did it.”  all in the same breath…he loves his Mrs. Cantwell !
Who would have thought he’d follow Wendy Whelan and be part of a NYCB program – proper – for his first time on stage ? (no idea if I am spelling her name correctly )  In my wildest dreams, I hoped he’d get Workshop – never did I imagine he’d get to dance in State Theater this year – especially on the program.  He’d sounds like he has a whole new drive – he’s been bitten by the stage big time now.
If he never got to do anything again – at least he got to dance there and loved it!  Here’s to many more chances and at least one when we can sit side by side and know all the grief as well as hard work that has gone into that little monster of mine!
Thanks for everything.
Pictured Below is Harrison Ball and Jerry Burr in Jill Eathorne Bahr’s Camelot that premiered last season in March of 2007.  

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