An Elegant Athelete in a Tight Fitting Wrapper


Yesterday morning, as I was teaching the daily 90 minute class to CBT company,  I remembered  that I had once asked Melissa Weber ( cast as the Matriarch in the Rite of Spring this season), if she would write down the pre workout she put herself thru each morning upon waking up.   In fact, I had even asked her to consider teaching this ritual warm up to the out of shape dancers  prior to our morning class.   As you read below — you will probably be exhausted even from reading it.  But that is the discipline that makes Melissa who she is…   I know she would enjoy the company in the morning if anyone wants to join in.  Oh by the way.. there is never a day off.   Read below.  

 Hi Jill,

Here is the morning routine. 🙂


At Home:
Stretch feet 20-30 min
Weights-10 min arm curls rep of 15 3x, tricep curls rep of 15 3x, side bends with weights 25 right and left, lunges with bicep curl reps of 8 2x
Arm Resistance Band 5 min-Lunges and squats reps of 8 2x Bicep curls rep of 15 3x
Ab roller- 20 straight front 10 right and left 2x
Pilates exercises. 10 pilates roll ups, teaser, leg lifts, thigh lifts, the pilates 100, 3 sets of 100 crunches with feet flexed, feet flat on floor and feet in air

At studio:
Stretch in parallel with feet pointed and flexed
Stretch in straddle to the right, left and center
Lie on back stretch leg in an upside down split right and left
Series of crunches: 30 feet on floor, 30 feet on floor knees turned in, 30 with right leg on left knee going to the right-repeat to left, 30 in a frog position, 30 frog position with right leg on top repeat with left leg on top. 30 with legs and feet in air in shape of diamond, 30 feet flexed in a straddle 150 bicycles, 3 sets of 50 side crunches right and left, 100 crunches with legs in air with a little bit of pelvic lift. 2 sets of 30 scissors
2 sets of 50 arm dips
Stretch out arms and back/stomach–
3 sets of lunges, 30 downward dog pushups
3 sets of 10 theraband for the feet exercises
Stretch with a rubber band and do a straddle
Lie in frog position and do some splits
*If there is more time left some more leg extension stretches

 Remember this is before, a 90 minute class, 6 hours of rehearsals or a during a typical day during the Spoleto Festival, a 90 minute class and two performances. And for relaxation, well you will see Melissa bike riding, or tanning on the beach while she is running.  The Ever ready Bunny Ballerina is always on the go!. 


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