CBT’s Heart belongs to Dany!

Meet the Magic Man… Dany Kapp.

When you leave the Twisted Tango show at 8 PM, at noon the next morning the studio is ready for a Brown Bag and Ballet performance, and then at 7 PM the theatre is set for Seven Deadly Sins. He often does this magic solo as all the available techies in town are busy for Spoleto.  

Dany Kapp is Charleston Ballet Theatre’s production manager, set designer, the man who slaves away tirelessly to make the technical magic happen. all year long. It is his set design for Seven Deadly Sins and his high tech metal stage for Twisted Tango .    The Michigan native holds a degree in marketing, but turned his keen ability as problem solver into building for theatre.

If the dancers are the soul of Charleston Ballet Theatre, Dany is the heart.  He pumps away tirelessly so that they can be free to perform without technical hindrance.  He shows the kindness and respect to each stagehand, dancer, designer, and choreographer that encourages total collaboration and pride.  It is my honor to work alongside such a happy, considerate colleague and friend.


Ruth Hutson

Resident Lighting Designer



“A few interesting cliches can sum up Dany Kapp. ‘Jack of All Trades’, ‘Make somethin outta nothin’ and ‘the go to guy’ . We appreciate everything he does for the company, I couldn’t imagine it without him.”



Stephen Gabriel,

Ballet Master Charleston Ballet Theatre


“Through my blessed life I have always worked with people that wear many hats….but I have never worked with a man that has so many amazing gifts.  Dany is endless with his gifts, creativity, generosity and joyful spirit.  Our dance world has been graced with this incredible human being.”


Jerri Kumery

Ballet Master, Richmond Ballet

Repetiteur, The George Balanchine Trust

Curator of The Salvatore Aiello Trust


Dany is the original miracle man!  He can make anything, do anything, is always charming and pleasant about it, and is one of the dearest people I know.  His genius melds well with Jill’s creative genius for the perfect partnership. 


Leah Greenberg

CBT Board Member

 Dany is a study in personal perseverance and gracious generosity. A joy to work with.

Dave Hearn President                                                                                                                                            DAVE HEARN, INC.


As you can see, Dany is a special guy.  Next time you visit the black box. theatre .at 477 King Street.. Go say hello to Dany.  And… If you have a sail boat invite him along on the trip.  He loves to sail and you will cherish his company  Thanks for everything.. Tonight he just put  the Seven Deadly Sins back up .  See ya there!


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