Rick Dean’s New book “Momentum” hits the press.

Now in his fourth year living in the Southeast, Rick Dean is drawn to photograph that which surrounds him. His newest offerings include new Black & White Lowcountry images, a selection of images from his  Carolina Bay Series that was published in Charleston Magazine in October of 2006, as well as images from his latest body of work celebrating movement in the human form featuring the Charleston Ballet Theatre company.  ….take a look.

Just in time for Spoleto …. Finally Rick Dean’s wonderful book about CBT has been published.  Call 843. 723.7334 to order your copy today. 

 Below is the forward I wrote for the art book.

One of the world’s most illustrious genius’ Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973) wrote

“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, or from a passing shape.


Everything everywhere is seed for inspiration. The seed of inspiration for photographer Rick Dean has been his eye opening venture into understanding the beauty of the elegant athlete called a dancer.

 From the very beginning, I recognized Rick’s kinetic artistry and keen photographic eye to be unequaled. Charleston Ballet Theatre proudly presents the premiere edition of “Momentum”, Rick Dean’s distinctive photographic stamp depicting the originality of Charleston Ballet Theatre’s 20th Anniversary Celebration (1987- 2007).

This book was not produced to represent a chronicle of photographs of historical significance, but to be an unparalleled artistic creation forecasting what the next twenty years might entail as CBT continues to carve its mark in the dance world. Twenty years ago Artistic Directors Don and Patricia Cantwell and I promised to create a matchless professional ballet company synonymous with the athleticism of today’s America, a company as spontaneous and youthful as any MTV Video or as engrossing in striking theatricality as a new bestselling novel. “Expect the Unexpected” has been our mantra, and now that mantra can also be applied as a subtitle for this art book.

 The comprehensive process from the breeding of the inspiration for a book, through the countless photo sessions watching CBT dancers move in ways only Rick’s subconscious could dream, to endless hours of editing, and finally to witnessing the dawn of this fully realized book, has been a delight for all involved. It is Charleston Ballet Theatre’s desire that “Momentum” challenges your perception of dance, movement and the human body. Welcome to our world! Please enjoy.

Jill Eathorne Bahr
Charleston Ballet Theatre
South Carolina’s World Class Dance Company
477 King Street Charleston SC 29403




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