Where Shall We Perform?

Joyce Theatre  In NYC

CBT recently had its successful Twisted Tango Performance at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center, thanks to City of North Charleston, and Marty Besancon of the N Charleston Arts Council, CBT was afforded the opportunity to draw in a new audience in the North Area.    The theatre is beautiful, but HUGE.  It is a 2200 seat house. Did we fill it?  Of course not, but the audience was respectable in size. 

I am not a fan of big theatres..

Over the next few years, the CBT Board and supporters will grapple with where we will be living.  King Street is growing by leaps and bounds. The Midtown Project received initial approval. yesterday.  So what type of theatre would I wish for?   The Joyce Theater in NYC will always be the best place to see dance. Now a Chelsea institution, It actually gave itself a 25th-birthday party on Monday night:,   Whether you are new to dance or someone with a deep appreciation for it, The Joyce offers a unique opportunity to get closer to the art .It is an intimate, 472-seat venue in Chelsea and it doesn’t have a bad seat in the house.  

The other place that comes to mind, is the Richmond Ballet’s new Studio Theatre seating a little over 300.  It is outfitted beautifully  As the USA economy continues to feel the strain of rising gas prices, mortgage fallout, and escalating unemployment,. the dance world will need to open their eyes to the need for even more budget tightening  and planning. , places to perform and efficient use of rehearsal time.  Going Green would help as well.. Many new lighting instruments carry much less power, utilizing less dimmers  we will be able to put more instruments on a circuit At this point,  they are still horribly expensive but in the long run a better decision   

We need to explore the opportunities soon!





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