Good Things Come in Small Packages


As a young dancer, I remember being 5′ 8 at 12 years old. Standing at least a half a foot taller than my boyfriend, I always was placed in the back line in school photographs and picked as first string center in basketball.  As far as my dancing roles on stage– Yes you got it.  The tall girl roles, which included  the Big Swans, Snow Queen or the Lilac Fairy. This Triple A Fire monkey personality , of never satisfied…  ,   always thought it would be wonderful to be tossed around like the small breed of dancers; I think to be able to move at quicksilver speed, like Jennifer Balcerzak Muller who soars with ease in any toss or flies effortlessly with the help of Foy as Tinkerbell would be a dream come true.    I have always carried a fancy for small ballerinas, and tall male dancers.  Give me a Christine Sarry, Kate Johnson, Alexandra Ferri, Jennifer Gelfand,or Tina LeBlanc with Peter Martins, David Parsons or Rob Besserer any  old day.  The height difference conjures up a wealth of creative opportunities.   


Now… meet 9 year old Madison Harden — she portrays the Mean Ole Lion in KIDS DO CATS . She is one of the youngest, smallest best natural dancers I know..  She stole the spotlight when she danced her choreography yesterday morning at the sold out program KIDS DO CATS.  She ate up the space like a Amazon queen warrior.  She is a natural.. But in all honesty if mention Madison I need to mention, Caitlyn, Chloe, Melissa, Christina, Katie, Bri  and all 22 of these amazing young kids that make up Charleston Ballet Theatre’s Broadway Dance Program.  It is quite incredible . 

Directed by CBT Principal Dancer and Ballet Master Stephen Gabriel, The Broadway Dance Project is an opportunity that is much different than the normal end-of-the-year dance performance. For male and female dancers age 9-17 who may want a Broadway career or just enjoy high-spirited dance, this is an opportunity not to be missed! The glorious tradition of the Broadway musical from Irving Berlin to Rodgers and Hammerstein will be explored. Even Cats and Les Mis. The Broadway Dance Project is a sharp-eyed view of the whole span of Broadway musical history embracing seven decades of brilliant achievements. It is an energetic blend of musical history, analysis and backstage advice.   Worth its wait in Gold for the young pre professional dancers.


So if you don’t have anything to do tomorrow Sunday March 4 at 3 PM –  Go See KIDS DO CATS at the King Street Black Box .  It is worth it.  !!!  Call 723 -7334 for tickets..   It will also be performed at Piccolo Spoleto.  Check it out..








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