Welcome to my New Blog -I’m Dancin’ as Fast As I Can!!

The Great Artist Andy Warhol offered
As the leading exponent of the pop art  movement and one of the most influential artists of the late 20th century., Andy Warhol  concentrated on the surface of things, choosing his imagery from the world of commonplace objects such as dollar bills, soup cans, soft-drink bottles, and soap-pad boxes. He is variously credited with ridiculing and celebrating American middle-class values by erasing the distinction between popular and high culture.
In his words..

 An artist is somebody who produces things

that people don’t need to have

(but that he — for some reason)

— thinks it would be a good idea to give them” 

With that quote as inspiration..

 So…… HELLO WORLD!!!…. 

It’s time to “Wipe the Daily Miles off your Forehead’

and enjoy a little pinot noir each day with me  (6:30 pm shall we say?) … I  will I share some spiced up stories and  heartfelt adoration about the wonderful world of choreography.  A smorgasbord of thoughts WILL POUR OUT  on the world of dance, art, dancers, companies, new ballets   as well as a eagle eye view  of the day to day doldrums (whoops!- I mean magic ) of working alongside the wonderful dancers of the Charleston Ballet Theatre . There will be comments from all the company members as well as outsiders in the field.   

On May 1, 2008, we christen our new website graciously donated and designed by Davis Advertising.  Alongside this site  is   the premiere of my blog.  I’m dancing as fast as I can.   As if my plate is not already filled to the max with  choreographing ballets, planning repertory, working with the administration and the wonderful CBT board  , this outlandish creation COULD HAVE some moments of verbal abuse…  AS WELL  rhetorical scolding to all you dancer wanna- bees.. 

 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.”  

~ Miss Piggy
But  even if there is a misinformed beholder amongst my readers . I promise you will share with  me the laughing and giggling of a rehearsal scene  as well as experiencing the heart felt adulation dancers feel about  their love of dance.  You will hear our the worries we feel about  the American political scene and Washington’s apathy on American  need of the arts.  You will  share the tedious countless hours of develping  something perfect for you the audience to view..  all these morsels   I plan to  share as I carry you into the world of dance at its most raw moments.. the beginning of the process … through the building blocks of the creative process.   It ain’t easy.. !!!!

 Twyla Tharp has been quoted to say  

“I think that probably the moments of discovery  

do come from a place that is not totally organized

Order is something that we already know about

Discoveries are in a place we don’t already know about.”




Ordered Chaos? Perhaps?

CBT begins its 21st year. why not hop on board.?   If you are willing to join me on my blog journey and boldly go where no internet blogger  has gone before, hold your breath and jump.   It will be disorganized.. and Yes we will find the Discovery together . 

 Tune into more on going monkey shenanigans. –  Yes that is right….  I am A FIRE MONKEY! —We will talk about the best of things!  That’s a promise!  





Jill Eathorne Bahr
Charleston Ballet Theatre
South Carolina’s World Class Dance Company
477 King Street Charleston SC 29403



















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